Brain Endowment Bank

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Who Are Our Donors?

who are our donors

Becoming a Brain Bank donor registers you as a valuable member of our research program—a family of registered donors of different ages, sexes, races and ethnicities. Underrepresented groups, including minorities and children are needed to ensure that all groups are studied and that the research findings are valid across the lifespan.

Research studies have shown that there is a critical link between cultural attitudes and religious traditions that are important in the decision-making process. Many groups have concerns about brain and tissue donation after death. Because of the lack of donated brains, there are many gaps in our understanding of differences in risk of Alzheimer’s disease in older African Americans and Hispanics. Autism affects all races and ethnic groups and with 1 in 88 children affected, the answers can’t come fast enough.

Our minority and ethnically diverse donors provide information on what environmental and genetic factors may contribute to the development of psychiatric and degenerative brain diseases. Brain donation is a way to support the next generation, your children and grandchildren. Achieving more awareness of the importance of brain donation is an important goal to ensure the health of all Americans.

A brain donation does not interfere with a family’s plan for burial, funeral or cremation. There is no cost for the family to participate.

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